So we are almost fully ready. Trying to rest now then probably pushing in a couple hours or less.

Her she comes

We are now at the hospital. Looks like we may be her for a while, but I will be updating as I can.

Baby Room Pics

I took a few with the real camera so here they are.  Close shots just so you can see the wallpaper a bit better.  Many thanks to all who helped.  To Dad McCulloch for crib, rug, wallpaper (and putting it up), bedding, and curtains (and putting those up).  To Dad Prusa and Brother Prusa for putting up the chair rail and crown molding.  To Jessica for painting.  To Dad Prusa for the dimmer and light fixture install.  And to Lauren and Chad for random fix ups, like pulling out dresser handles and some caulking.  Really looks great in person if you want to stop by.  Click on the picture to make it bigger.


Here are a couple pics of Elizabeth Grace’s room. They are iPhone pics so not very good.

Roll Call

Does anyone read this?  I mean I think four people do, but are there others?  To get a better view of how useful this will be, leave a comment if you read this.  Yes I know you have to leave your reader to post, just do it!  If you are not using a reader, let me recommend it to you;

No baby yet, go to the doc again Wednesday, next Monday is the doc cited due date.


When oh when

So the doc said that it still could be a bit of time till Elizabeth Grace arrives. Course you never know but looks like at the moment she could make it to the due date. This was not exciting news for Anna as she is now very ready.

Despite what we may have mentioned before we will be delivering at North Fulton. 3000 Hospital Blvd Roswell, GA 30076.

Bye now